Acca betting
March 26, 2017
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March 26, 2017

Acca betting for beginners

Acca bet is the type of betting when you bet on several events at once, and if all events win, then the coefficients multiply, but if one event does not win, the entire bet loses.

Acca betting principles

Acca bets allows you to increase the turnover of funds. When you make a usual bet, the funds are frozen and you can no longer use them for another bet. In case with acca, it allows you to use one amount for events occurring at the same time. To reduce the risks in what is acca, there is the insurance.

Advices on acca bettingĀ 

Of course, there some tips that help to make a right bet:

Do not bet on more than 2-3 events. In reality, the more bets, the greater is the revenue, but at the same time, the possibility of loss increases geometrically.

Acca insurance

The main mistake of newbies is to get a lot of events with small coefficients. If you make 10 bets with a coefficient 1.11 (which is 90% of the probability of winning at each bet separately), then it means that 1 out of 10 betting on probability theory will necessarily lose – and you already understood what it means when you used acca.

You do not have to choose matches mechanically by factors. First of all, evaluate the statistics of previous meetings, read information from official websites about major changes that can affect the game of the team: injured players, lack of motivation (the tasks have already been accomplished, and the second team is coming out) and more.

Acca betting is often compared with a chain, but unlike the chain, the revenue is greater due to the multiplication of the coefficients, and even 1 bet can provide a complete loss.

Disadvantages of acca betting

The biggest disadvantage of betting on several events is a loss if one of them does not match. For those players who are not ready to take such risks, a special sophisticated acca system has been created. In other words, the whole long acca bet is divided into several short ones, and the defeat by one outcome, does not mean loss of the whole design. This differs acca betting from the system.

In case of a system a bet amount is divided by the number of short bets and then the final win is determined by the number of past outcomes.

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