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March 14, 2017
Acca betting for beginners
March 26, 2017

Acca betting

A single bet is one of the most common types of bets. But many players with experience have a desire to make more bets, when they are increasing winnings by increasing the coefficients.

For this you can use several bets, combining them into acca. Acca betting presupposes making bets on several outcomes of different events at the same time (the maximum number of events is 30). Thus, when you bet on the outcome of two or more events (for example, two different football matches), you can combine them into an “acca”.

acca betting

Everything you need to know about acca betting

What bets can be combined? Most of the proposed rates for a variety of sports can be freely combined into an acca chain. It is impossible to unite those events that depend on each other, as a rule, these are events from one game.

How to win on acca betting?

To win on the acca betting, you need to ensure that none of the outcomes that are included in the chain, lose. Losing one of the outcomes of the acca bet means a total loss. The wager on the acca betting is equal to the product of the bet amount on the played odds of the outcomes included. If on one of those rates ends with a return, then the coefficient for it is equated 1. Bonuses are given for individual types of “acca” bets.

Coefficients in acca betting 

The total coefficient in the acca betting is calculated by multiplying the coefficients of all outcomes. Pay attention to the fact that the bet wins only if all forecasts are true.

In order to combine the bets you need to select the coefficients that you think will play in the betting line, then select the necessary tab, enter the bet amount in the corresponding line and finally click “Make a bet”.

It should be noted that there are several features when organizing acca betting. First of all, taking into account the increased level of the risk, the most optimal outcome factors to be included into the bet are options not higher than 1.8-2. 1.4-1.5 would be even better. Secondly, the optimal number of events in the acca betting should not be more than 3-4, and when using small coefficients at the level of 1.2-1.3, not more than 6-7. Huge rates, which include more than a dozen outcomes, almost never pass, even when using small coefficients.

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